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Further thoughts on evaluation of outcome

Through out this project I have tried to focus on developing my own style in painting. I think painting for me is instinctive process, I enjoy the physicality of applying the paint. I would like to locate myself as an abstract painter it is where I connect with other artists. In setting out to create an image which suggested a sense of the unknown through impulsive gestural brush strokes. I chose the painting nails as my outcome because it has free fluid brush marks, in the background and the foreground. The top right of the painting suggests storm clouds bringing in the winds of change. The uncontained nails are drawn towards the solid mass of forms which are twisting and turning, I feel this painting has an energy to it, I am pleased with the colour palette and in this photograph, the colour has stayed the same as in the actual painting. I often I find there is a significant difference in the colour and textures when I have taken pictures of my paintings. The bright blue strip has retained its vibrancy and the purple and mauve have kept the richness of the hue.

I feel this piece most suggests the feeling of uncertainty which surrounds us in this time of a global pandemic. I think anybody who understands anything about infectious disease recognize that we were going to sooner or later face something like this. Obviously, in last 15, 20 years, you had H5N1, SARS, MERS, H7N9, Ebola. But, you know, intellectually understanding it is one thing and having it hit you is something quite different. Fear for our jobs, economic turmoil, and social instability. In the UK we also have the worry and fear of Brexit and the implications it will impose on us. This inconsistency between internal experience and external observation is a theme that I would like to explore more. The process of painting for me is where I allow my subconscious to take over without restrictions. I feel my main contribution is deciding on a restricted colour palette, it gives me a way into a blank canvas. I also needed to consider how I would show my paintings, as the outcome of this project will be viewed online. I decided to experiment on photoshop by placing images of my work into a blank gallery space. This process allowed me to make the paintings significantly larger. the painting kidnapped is double the size in the photoshop gallery, the actual size it is just under a metre. Experimenting with scale has provoked me to try painting on a much larger canvas in the future.

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