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Larger paintings process and evaluation

I bought this canvas from a charity shop I find this a convieniant way to paint on a larger scale . I also like to use recyclyed materials in my practice.

I used a silver spay paint to cover the elephant, but found it was to transparent.

So I then used some different grey tones of house paint to totally cover the elephant image on the canvas and to create a background.. I find layering the paint in a loose manner, a good starting point for my process, it is a good entry point.

I then used charcoal to sketch some lines for the composition.

I used a reduced palette of colours to add a harmony troughout the painting.

The left of the composition has alot of geometric lines and forms possibly suggesting windows and doors they also add perspective to the image.

Mixed media Acrylic paint and inks on preused canvas 48cm x 48cm Penny Efstathiou 2021

I have noticed some recurring forms in my paintings which I find interesting, the boat shaped curve and also the square. When I place these two paintings together are very similar composition. On the more recent work ,the colours and edges have become much softer, possibly from the new loser process I am using. Also in the one below the colours are more vibrant because I used oil paint rather than Acrylic paint and inks.

Oil and Acrylic on recycled canvas 61cm x61cm Penny Efstathiou 2020

I would like to paint this composition again in a smaller size just to compare them further and see if they work as a tryptic!!!

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