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Looking at a selection of images depicting Eve from an illuminated manuscript from(c 950) to more contemporary images


Looking at online images of Adam and Eve and how they are depicted in a historical and contemporary context. What interests me is the use of the symbolic, apples, trees, nudity and a snake to create a narrative. Questioning if by using symbolic objects and meanings you can push the story in a different direction. The sketches of Eve are experiments of a story changed, Eve saying no!!

I sketched the eyes closed to infer a refusal to eat the apple.

2nd drawing of the same composition. Chalk pastels . It has a very different feel to it. Set in stone?

2nd sketch of the same composition. Chalk pastels. It has a very different feel to it. Set in stone.

3rd drawing Pencil and white pastel for the highlights. I find sketching in pencil less fluid. The sketches have a tense , unnatural feel.

Charcoal and white chalk highlights. Contrasting the light and dark. I am happier with marks in charcoal they are more gestural .

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