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Canvas and Frame

I have decided to make the canvas from recycled materials as I do not have a large canvas at home and I like using recycled materials. So on my daily walk I have been looking for a piece of wood or board about 1ft wide and 2 ft in length which I can paste news paper onto, which can be seen through a wash of paint adding a supplementary meaning to the layers of what is documented in the still life. I found some plaster board in a skip which was about the right size and there were a couple of small pieces which I could experiment on to see if it would work as a canvas.

Also looking at ways to make a frame to attach to the canvas I feel it would give the still-life painting an overall finished look.

I made some glue from flour and water which I cooked and added some pink acrylic paint to.

I wizzed the mixture with a stick blender to remove any lumps of flour and added more water so it was the texture of a sauce.

experimenting with different washes and thickness of the glue on the test pieces.

I am aiming to get a smooth finish on the plaster board with the layered paper, hopefully the glue and paint will work as if the plaster board has been gessoed

Looking at ideas on how to make a frame for my canvas.

Cutting and boiling the plastic to use on the cardboard frame. Experimenting with size ,shapes and different types of plastic from our recycling.

Using double side tape to fix plastic onto cardboard.

Added pva glue to help attach the plastic curls

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