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Experiments on looser paint mark making sketches

Exploring and experimenting with colour as it is an important part of my painting practice. To explore mark-making, composition, space, and light within my process of painting. I would like my work to be at a level where I am confident to share my paintings with a wider audience.

I use Art as a way to release my thoughts and feelings, and using paint allows me, as an artist, to be emotionally vulnerable. Jackson Pollock is an artist who inspires me to paint. His originality and rhythmic use of paint have always influenced how I would like to progress my painting practice.

I do not like the colours in this sketch , they do not harmonize well together . Although they do remind me of fence panels, which I think comes from my subconscious.

Today has not been a good day for painting , to loose, there is no compositional qualities.

Inspired by all the flowering lilac, this sketch has more energy to it in the mark making. The composition is a little to central but it does have some perspective with the light and dark contrasts.

I liked certain elements of this sketch the trajectory of the charcoal over the grey and soft yellow give it perspective and movement.

I decided to push the sketch further by adding more tones and green to represent the push of nature threw the concrete. I bought some small frames from the charity shop with a view to thinking about a finished composition. Still unsure about it !!

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