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Heading to a conclusion with the frame.

The frames development seems to be coming together quite well.

The frame measured to fit on top of the canvas. Originally I thought to staple gun the frame to the canvas, but it will go hard when I coat the plastic in resin leaving it difficult to attach without seeing the staples . I think using gorilla glue will work as a solution. It may be a blessing as it will be seen on a digital platform so the crude assembly should be less obvious.

Painted the frame grey for a background . On the maquette I made i found that after spray painting the attached plastic I could see the brown of the card board. Laying stripes of double sided tape to the painted cardboard to attach the plastic steamed shapes to.

Placing the plastic onto the now sticky frame to help hold them in place.

Before and after spray painting a silver colour.

Testing the pre resined frame against the work in progress still life.

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