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Heading towards my final outcome.

In choosing which painting I will use for my final outcome I need to consider how it will be viewed. Since lockdown a lot of galleries and Artists have shifted to an online presence. Instagram is turning into a platform for the visual art viewer, similar to Spotify and iTunes for music lovers. Online art galleries may become cultural saviours in the coming months. They can be used to get out of a creative rut, for inspiration or for researching new artists and trends in the art world. I think as, the world finds itself increasingly indoors, these galleries will become even more important.

Rather than photographing them on the wall at home or at the studio because of poor lighting etc, I decided to experiment on photoshop by placing images of my work into a blank gallery space. However as my skill set on the computer is very limited I have found it a challenge to place the painting images onto a gallery background. The problems I face is to get good quality images at a correct size to look realistic in the gallery setting and also to save them as a reusable images. From a professional view point I feel the images of the paintings are crude and out of focus and there by not doing justice to the colours or textures in the paintings.

Woman walking near blank white wall mockup in modern gallery. Girl admires a clear big stand mock up in museum with contemporary art exhibitions. Large hall interior, banner exposition show

Simple square to add the image to

The image has been streched in scale to fit the space

Floundering with layers on photoshop

Under normal circumstances I would want to experiment with making frames for my paintings. I feel that once a painting is framed and placed in another environment, it signifies that the painting has been finished by the artist.

I think I will use either “Kidnapped or “Nails” for my final outcome. Both of these images have loose brush marks and mark making . I also like the colour palettes in both images which makes it difficult to choose one over the other .

Unfortunately the painting is to small for this setting, so there is no detail of the painting coming through. I could not resize the painting to the correct fit for the space.

This painting has gone to large in size for the wall , again I could not resize the image in layers on photoshop.

I have asked a friend who is capable of using photoshop to help me place the images in the gallery to give a more realistic and professional finish for my final outcome.

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