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paint pours

I think if I move the idea of still life drawings into a painting I will have to use the colours which I have enough of . So I have been experimenting with colour combinations in a paint pour technique that could give a modern feel to them. I like the idea of grey as my main “colour” with pinks , purple and silver as my palette. Grey is an unemotional colour but it represents a solid strength and longevity which comes from the colour of slate , granite and stone. Many ancient monuments such as The Acropolis in Athens , the colosseum in Rome and Stonehenge are all made from natural grey materials which have stood the test of time. Greys can neutralize their surroundings and other colours, but it is also versatile and allows other colours to shine combined with the right pink it has a feminine feel to it.

red, purple ,black and silver acrylic paint

pink silver and black

red, pink, silver and black pour onto sand paper

inspired by the pigeons colours

pink, black and purple pour on purple painted paper to black

a range of purple and pinks with no black

wet on wet acrylic paint adding bronze. mark making

I like these colour combinations but should have mixed some grey to add in for tonal contrast and to lighten the black.

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