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Photoshop images

Thankfully , the new images are alot better quality and they sit better in the gallery space.


This painting has lost a lot of its physicality in the process of being photographed . The colours and textures are much less visible, than in the actual painting. I find it a struggle to make the photographic images look the same as the painting its self.


I have decided to use this image as my final outcome for this project. I think it most represents the feeling of uncertainty which surrounds us in this time of a global pandemic. Fear for our jobs , economic turmoil ,and social instability. In the UK we also have the worry and fear of Brexit and the implications it will impose on us. Having close ties to Europe particularly Greece I am concerned with any travel restrictions, particularly as I have close family there! Are we to be isolated on our Island?

The quality of the colours are closer in this photograph to the actual painting. The bright blue strip has retained its vibrancy. The scale of the painting works well as a large canvas.

A thank you to Michael Abbott who kindly put the images into photoshop for me.

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