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Primary sketches

This oil on canvas was a direct response to the photograph below. I liked the blue of the sky and how the yellow Forsythia was lit by the street light .

Looking at lines in this sketch thinking about the vertical and horizontal. Using the fences and washing line as subject matter

Photoghraph from upstairs of my back yard.

wax pastels and charcoal , exploring the mark making process . Purples and bright green colour as a spring pallette.

Covid 19 Test Centre at Nottingham County Hall Car Park

I often find myself over mixing my colours and getting a very murky look with the paint , so i used a tippex brush for the blossom petals on the tree to brighten it up. Although it has a feeling of a dull grey miserable early morning, leaving home to go to work.

warm up sketches.

This is a small shop bought canvas which i left unprimed , inspired by the neighbors now erecting bird feeders at fence level which will make the local cat’s hunting life easier. I am pleased with the colour pallete it has a fresh feel to it.

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