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Project development

I decided to set up a print area in my studio space to develop my lino print series further. Due to the restrictions of “covid” it is difficult to have access to the print workshop at collage. Particularly the print presses and the cutting tools which normally would be available to use.

I printed the first layer of colour, a crimson red on a selection of textured and coloured paper. Before printing eight on A4 white Fabiano paper to complete a series of numbered prints. I am finding it difficult to achieve a equal balance of ink on to the paper doing it by hand with a spoon rather than using a press.

I then recut the lino to add black as another layer for the reduction print process. I wanted the print to have crisp lines and definition between the colours which has not been achieved. I am not going to make any more prints at this stage.

My intention was to develop this image further in red and black as a print series. I think without the use of the print workshop it would not be achievable.

Tried printing in black only again the transfer of ink was not good.

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