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Specialist studio practice

Proposal for Specialist Studio practice

Project theme

COVID-19 I think will be my subject line of enquiry because of the impact it has caused to everyone and the effect it has had on the world. (ref to Goya and his Black paintings) Fear, containment. Lockdown has changed us all. Social media had a massive uptake during this time because people needed to stay connected. 

My personal journey will be my starting point, including my daughter’s journeys during lockdown which we endured together as a unit and the cause and effects of that on us as a family.

Food and waste are another angle I may pursue because the outlook for chefs’ jobs are non-existent but the takeaway food industry (social impact, delivery drivers, security) is booming which causes a lot of single use plastic waste. Working at the COVID-19 Test centre and how much PPE gets thrown away every day and burnt. (toxic air, pollution). I believe strongly about the health benefits that food has upon our being. It is like oil in a car its needed to make the engine work. The food industry has slowly been hijacked into a money-making machine making claims about how it has our best interests at heart. Whilst people’s health and wellbeing are put at risk for example the DIET industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. So it begs the question of whether it works or not. Waste for me is very much tied into the food and hospitality industry which I have worked in for most of my adult life.

I think my art is autobiographical, I am inspired daily by the world we live, by family and social constraints which have been put in place and the cause and effect it has on us.

Initial Experimentation

I will start with photoghrapy and then sketching with charcoal on paper to put ideas down. Before deciding to aim for the final outcome in possibly paint or print making. Photography has the capability to catch the moment of an idea as it is also a way to of observing your currnt enviroment . After looking through these I can determine if any of them visual represent what I am thinking about at that time. I will then try and draw on paper and charcoal to develop it further.

Potential outcomes

My intentions are to have an end outcome which is of a ‘Gallery’ quality finish, with the skills I have acquired over the last 2 years. Planning in detail each step of the process, researching materials and executing the piece

It takes essence/context for a work to be great. That is, I guess, the hardest thing to assess. Great works of art, I believe, all share one thing, and that is that they are supported by context. It can’t just be beautiful, or shocking for the sake of it. Great artworks captivate you because you can, in one way or another, identify with it. Marcel Marceau used to say “il fault toucher le publique” (we need to be able to move the audience). His message was, it’s not enough to be technically good, you need to have the capability to move and touch your audience. The only way you can move your audience is if your work is supported by context.

12 Contemporary Artists Tell Us What it Takes to Make a Great Piece of Art

Contextual research

I will undertake Internet research on topics surrounding my theme ,newspaper articles, colleagues at The testing centre where I work for there opinions. I shall also look at artists in a historical context of fear such as Goya particually his twelve Black paintings . I will keep a blog of my research as a condesed record and also a physical file.

I am interested in the development of process which are determined by social structure. For example; Picasso and ‘Guernica’ being a symbolic representation of a time of unrest and fear. I find the connections between political changes and art particularly interesting how art has been manipulated over time to be where it is today. Louise Bourgeois is another key artist whose work I will explore.

Project evaluation

I think I will use my social media platforms and my blog to evaluate the project and receive critic from them whilst developing their growth. I shall also keep a sketch book as well

I am keeping my time scheduling in a diary and a have put specific guidelines for completion of projects such as social media posting of work in progress and blogging.

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