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Why painting is like cooking

“Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.”

Maurice de Vlaminck

Maurice de Vlaminck 1876-1958 T01254 Landscape near Martigues 1913 Inscribed ‘Vlaminck’ b.r. Oil on canvas, 25 5/8 x 32 1/4 (65 x 82) Bequeathed by Sir Robert Hart, Bt., 1970

Maurice de Vlaminck (4 April 1876 – 11 October 1958) was a French painter. Along with André Derain and Henri Matisse he is considered one of the principal figures in the Fauve movement, a group of modern artists who from 1904 to 1908 were united in their use of intense colour. Vlaminck was one of the Fauves at the controversial Salon d’Automne exhibition of 1905.

After visiting a Van Gogh exhibit, he declared that he “loved Van Gogh that day more than my own father”.

. Rebellious, unruly, and obsessed with the need for independence, it is not surprising that he was, along with Matisse and Derain, a leader of the revolutionary Fauve movement. His paintings often featured unremarkable cityscapes and landscapes. Even though he experimented with the Cubist style, Vlaminck seems to have regarded Cubism as an unworthy opponent of what he saw as the more revolutionary artistic style of the Fauves.

Fauvism valued individual expression. The artist’s direct experience of his subjects, his emotional response to nature, and his intuition were all more important than academic theory or elevated subject matter. All elements of painting were employed in service of this goal.

I think this is why I enjoy the process of mark making in my art practice, it is like cooking! the key elements or ingredient’s are variety, beauty, organization, and harmony. When you cook you always put a variety of good ingredients together and make something new.

We can excite the taste buds with sweet and savoury combinations while serving a variety of colours for the sake of beauty and nutrition. And, we include different textures so by experimenting and using lots of different materials has relaxed my approach to the canvas. Also repeating the process on small sized canvases has helped in the development of my mark making, also thinking how to by use my practical chefs skills in my mark making.

Mixed Media on shop bought canvas Penny Efstathiou 2021 20cm x25cm

In this small painting which is inspired by the alley ways on my walks, particularly the dandelions which flourish there.

The composition is built up using geometric lines, and perspective. I used a combination of house paint and inks. I am pleased with the outcome it has strong lines which contrast with the softer edges of the ink. Below are some of the visual ingredients that i used, Hard and soft edges, geometric lines and forms and a pinch of colour.

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